Individual sounds of player models

Every model has it's own specific sound files. Orbb's jump, for example, sounds different than Sarge's.
In this part of the music/sound tutorial we'll add a custom screaming sound when the player flies through the air by using the jumppad (the protagonists are scared when it comes to heights).
Place a new target_speaker, above the others, near the jumppad. Connect the trigger_multiple with it.

(Image falling editor)

Open the speaker's entity window, tick "activator" and type in "noise" as key and "*falling1.wav" as value.

(Image falling entity)

The asterisk in front of the filename tells the engine to use the individual sound effects for each model placed in the sound/player/modelnamehere folder.

Finally compile the map and test every sound or music you've added during this tutorial series.

Note: I added one more target_speaker of the jumppad sound, because the falling sound is pretty loud.

Written by Bliccer